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Barz Sports Goggles

  • Contoured nylon frames protect face and eyes from frontal impact.
  • Premium polycarbonate lenses are light, shatter-proof, scratch-resistant.
  • Lenses provide 100% UVA and UVB eye protection and are optically correct.
  • Gaskets sealed for swim and/or maximum protection from fogging
  • Prescription goggles are available (from $215.00) e-mail us for more info.
  • Surgical silicone non-allergenic gaskets seal out water and can be adjusted to fit most any face.
  • Each pair comes with two sets of gaskets: one sealed for watersports, one vented for land-based activities.
  • Included are a Neoprene case and a mini-coil leash to prevent loss.
  • Available in a variety of frame colors.

    Frame Color:
    Additional Lenses:

    Barz Goggles from Australia are the original, and still only, waterman goggles to have optical quality and Rx-able polycarbonate lenses. You get good peripheral vision, safety frames, with a normal sunglass look.

    What are Barz?
    Barz are sport goggles that protect the eyes by completely insulating them from wind, sun, (salt)water and glare. Many people wear their sunglasses, only to remove them for hours and hours of extreme exposure such as when they wakeboard, surf, windsurf or kayak. Barz offer protection when you need it most!

    Versatile Barz can accommodate most adult faces! Each pair comes with three sizes of interchangeable nosebridges: narrow, medium and wide to enable the glasses to fit the wearer's face shape. Barz are available in a variety of frame colors.

    Frame Material:
    Molded Nylon - Virtually unbreakable, Barz molded nylon "safety" frames are designed so that your lenses cannot be dislodged inwardly from a frontal impact. Barz lenses must be installed / removed from the front. Nylon frames are slightly textured and have a matte finish. Adding nearly unbreakable polycarbonate lenses to nylon safety frames allows us to offer the strongest, safest sport goggles possible.

    Barz lenses are optically correct, lightweight, scratch- and impact-resistant, and treated for 100% UVA & UVB protection.

    Polycarbonate lens Material:
    Optical quality blue/grey polycarbonate lenses are included with all Barz goggles. Polycarbonate is recommended for all extreme sports because it is virtually unbreakable.

    Each pair of Barz comes with two pairs of gaskets. With some room for personal preference, we recommend the solid gaskets which create a seal for sports such as surfing, and the vented gaskets for snowboarding and skydiving. For windsurfing and kayaking, use whichever gaskets suit you. You can even switch gaskets between sports. The gaskets are available in black (softer and more flexible) or clear. The sealed gaskets are used to create "Custom Venting". By punching holes as desired, you can achieve venting that suits your use. Surfers puch holes only in the bottom 120-180 degrees so they can duck dive without taking on water. ...if you do take on water, it drains properly.

    Select Nosebridge:
    Barz are packed with the standard bridge. If you feel that the glasses are too big or too small, you can change to the larger or smaller nosebridge. Just remove tabs in back of the frame to release nosebridge. Reinstall in same manner after gaskets are adjusted.

    Rotating Gaskets:
    The tapered gaskets can be rotated to obtain a proper fit. Remove the tabs and rotate to fit. The mold mark indicates the thickest part of the gasket. Reinstall gasket by starting at the nosebridge and working around the top and bottom at the same time. Reinstall tabs to lock the position of the gaskets and nosebridge.

    Securing the strap:
    The strap is delivered in an easy-to-adjust setting for fitting. Adjust the strap to the proper length, using a paper clip as an aid in pushing the strap through the buckles.

    Lens colors:
    Purchase additional lens colors or polarized lenses as desired. Lenses can easily be removed or reinstalled.

    What about fogging?
    All Barz lenses have an anti-fogging coating. However, a really great anti-fogging coating for all conditions still does not exist. We recommend you place one drop of Johnson's Baby Shampoo in each lens; smear with finger and lightly rinse with water prior to use. In a pinch, use kelp or spit instead of baby shampoo.

    Can I get rid of water droplets?
    Droplets of water on the outside of the lens can be eliminated by the same means that water photographers use on their lenses. Apply and buff only the outside of the lens with a soft wax or furniture polish prior to use. One application should last numerous uses.

    Barz frames have a 12-month warranty against faulty workmanship or product failure. The gaskets and flexible bridges have a 12-month warranty against failure or loss. Because of the extreme elements that Barz may be put through, there is no warranty against scratching of the lenses, but replacements are available for a reasonable charge.

  •   Cost: $125.00 (USD)
  • To order or for more information, Email us. (All emails will be replied to within 24 hours.)
  • or Call 805-443-2045 for immediate assistance
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