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   Note to ALL Towsurfers
Unless agreed upon between paddlers and towsurfers, towsuring in an area while paddle surfers are in the line-up is absolutely 100% prohibited. Violators may be reported to local authorities and harbor master office for possible legal action and fines.
   PWC Laws, Regulations & Licensing Information
10/2/2011 NOAA Raises Fine for Santa Cruz Tow Surfers
2/17/2011 PWC: Allowed at Mavz? Meeting sees NOAA open to idea of trained volunteer rescue crews for water safety
9/10/2010 Tow-in surfing supported by the Western Australian government
2/3/2007 Gulf of the Farallones and Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuaries
1/14/2007 Association of Professional Towsurfers Introductory Hawaii Tow-In Certification Course in Calif. a Huge Success
1/4/2007 Feds riding wave of illogic with Mavericks proposal
12/19/2006 Surfers oppose a coastal Jet Ski ban
12/9/2006 Jet-ski surfers want to use sanctuary
12/7/2006 Big wave surfers rally to save their sport
12/5/2006 Open Letter from Surfrider Monterey about PWC Ban
11/26/2006 Proposal could have surfers cooling their jets
11/19/2006 The Last Ride?
11/15/2006 Personal Watercraft Conflict Resolution with NOAA
11/11/2006 Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuaries Management Program Review
10/18/2006 Big wave surfers rally to save their sport
9/11/2006 NSW Australia Maritime PWC Drivers License Requirements
8/15/2006 After Heavy Winter British Towsurf Association is Formed
7/16/2006 To all Tow Surfers and PWC Owners
11/14/2005 Ken Bradshaw Responds to Tow-In Debate
11/10/2005 Big-wave towsurfing will become a thing of the past if jet skis are banned in the Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary.
7/22/2005 What You Need to Know Before You Tow
7/19/2005 Towsurfing : Possible action re Maverick's MPWC policy
10/1/2004 Amendments to Chapters 13-250 and 13-256 Hawaii Administrative Rules
8/31/2004 Deadline for towsurfers to have State of Hawaii license and registration card!
10/1/2003 Scheduled Ocean Safety Educational Course meets requirements for licensing in the State of Hawaii
9/17/2003 Tow-in surfing, PWCs/USA , Mavericks & related issues
7/15/2003 New state rules take effect for tow-in surfing enthusiasts
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