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  October 28, 2011
Red-Eye to the West Coast News
Big-Wave Addicts episode 2

(October 28, 2011) Now appearing on YouTube’s Towsurfer Network channel is, 'Big-Wave Addicts' episode no. 2, featuring east coast big-wave junkies, Will Skudin and his brother Cliff from NY Sea. After a week of monitoring a potential swell and going back and forth with the locals, everyone decided it was going to be questionable w/ weather issues. At the last minute, they pulled the trigger and made the decision to take a red-eye to the West Coast for two days of potentially big surf.

Following a red-eye flight and running on three hours sleep, the Skudin brothers, met up with the local crew (Keith Galbraith, George DeSoto, Geth Noble, Eric Akiskalian and Shawn Thordarson) for a dawn patrol look at the surf and quickly decided to make the best of what they had. It was a solid 12'-15' swell with some left over bump and very unorganized conditions from the wind the day before. Everyone was just stoked to get in the water for two days, share some fun waves and witness what mother nature had to offer up.

As usual and reported by the crew there was plenty of sea life encounters to say the least which included whales, dolphins, big fish, sea lions and a good size shark. Needless to say, there were some creepy moments throughout the day and also some fun drops with some shifty clean up sets that kept everyone on their guard. By the end of the first day and thru the evening, the swell began to fade.

The following day the crew shot up the coast, met up with Tony Perez and Jeremy Rasmussen and got a couple of fun waves at one of their more favorite locations.

“Overall it was a great trip with nothing but good vibes, I mean, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, when your getting fun waves with friends and family, you just can’t help but to be stoked and grateful.” - Will Skudin

Special Thanks:
GoPro Hero
Oregon Surf Shop
Magic Seaweed
Lincoln City Inn
Instant Replay Sports
NY Sea
Chef Jason Miller and Family

Contact information:
(805) 443-2045

About Big-Wave Addicts:
Executive Producer, Eric Akiskalian is producing this reality style concept based around big-wave surfers, their addiction for the ocean and the global chase to ride the biggest and heaviest waves they can find. The concept of the show is based on the personal lifestyles and drama associated with each character and what it takes to drop everything at a moments notice including family and work obligations to chase the next big swell while risking their lives to seize the moment of a lifetime. All episodes will be appearing on YouTube’s Towsurfer Network channel.


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