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  October 13, 2011
‘Big-Wave Addicts’

‘Big-Wave Addicts’

on YouTube's TowsurferNetwork

Big Wave Addicts News
For Immediate Release:

Gig Harbor, WA – (October 13, 2011) – 12 years ago, Eric Akiskalian took his surfing career to the next level and began chasing big waves and created Now 51 years old, not only is he passionate about chasing and riding giant swells all over the globe but he’s equally passionate about promoting the sport of big-wave surfing and all the big-wave addicts that charge these colossal waves along with him.

For a couple of years now, Akiskalian has been working on a reality show concept based around big-wave surfers, their addiction for the ocean and the global chase to ride the biggest and heaviest waves they can find. The concept of the show is based on the personal lifestyles and drama associated with each character and what it takes to drop everything at a moments notice including family and work obligations to chase the next big swell while risking their lives to seize the moment of a lifetime.

Akiskalian is now taking his creation of ‘Big-Wave Addicts’ to the masses via social media as a pre-taped reality style webcast show on YouTube’s Towsurfer Network channel. Akiskalian is producing short episodes of each big-wave session that he and his good friend and co-producer, Keith Galbraith, chase down in the 2011/12 North Pacific Season. Joining them will be any big-wave addict that shows up during the same swell and wants to be part of that episode.

“It’s like being a drug addict. We can never get enough and we’re always looking for our next fix which in this case is that next big swell. I pretty much drop all that I’m doing and make it my priority, know matter what the consequences, to chase down that swell. I seriously need a 12 step program or meetings to go to!” Says, Akiskalian

The official forecast team consist of Mark Sponslor of and Pat Caldwell of NOAA in Hawaii. Both Mark and Pat have become globally respected and highly experienced swell and weather forecasters of our time.

The 1st episode of 'Big-Wave Addicts', was filmed in the Pacific Northwest region during a 20' west swell that produced large waves but very foul weather conditions. Eager to salvage the swell, both Eric Akiskalian and Keith Galbraith took the opportunity to train in their own backyard with the freezing cold waters, bone chilling wind and rough seas. Due to the poor conditions, they decided not to paddle during this session and only do tow-in's. ‘Big-Wave Addicts’ can now be seen on YouTube’s Towsurfer Network channel.

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For more information on ‘Big-Wave Addicts’ reality webcast contact:
Eric Akiskalian
Creator/Executive Producer
(805) 443-2045
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