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   Grant “Twiggy” Baker - Feb 6, 2014
South African charger reflects on Maverick's, his unique career path, and the future of big-wave surfing

By Marcus Sanders
   Shawn Dollar - May 7, 2013
Santa Cruz's big-wave star on fear, family, and why his world record wave at Cortes almost never happened
   Jeff Rowley - March 10,2012
How Jeff Rowley came out of nowhere to ride high beside the global big-wave elite
   Laird Hamilton - Feb 10, 2012
Laird Hamilton is one of those guys
ESPN Action Sports
   Nathan Fletcher - Jan 16, 2011
   Laird Hamilton - Dec 5, 2011
Legendary icon of world surf, Laird Hamilton has been a member of the Oxbow Team since 1990, and embodies to perfection the brand's values: commitment, technique, respect for nature and stretching yourself beyond your limits. Having ridden the biggest waves in the world, among them Jaws in Peahi and Teahupoo in Tahiti, he has multiple titles under his belt such as the "Rider of the Year " in 2000 and "Waterman of the year" in 2004. Accomplished waterman and kite surf pioneer, Laird Hamilton is an internationally renowned free-surfer who has contributed to the development of his sport around the world. "Always higher, always bigger, always faster"
   Kalani Chapman - Nov 15, 2011
With not much brewing in terms of heart-pounding surf, we thought it was time to chat to a guy who's seen his fair share of North Shore winters. Kalani Chapman is arguably one of the gnarliest guys in the Pipeline pecking order and easily had one of the most lucrative season's last year -- both in terms of prize money and tube time.
   Keala Kennelly - Sept 13, 2011
KK on her horrific injury after an average wipeout at small Teahupoo
   Frank Solomon - Aug 15, 2011
Frank Solomon finishes seventh at the Billabong Pico Alto Invitational big wave event
   Kohl Christensen - July 14, 2011
In a time when kids are doing whatever it takes to become a professional surfer, Kohl Christensen landed a sponsorship after he was in his thirties. His perspective lies beyond money, hype, brands and image. Prolific had a chance to meet Kohl and hear his thoughts on solar power, wwoofing, death in surfing and, most importantly, trailblazing his own path.
   Eric Akiskalian - May18, 2011
Interview with Eric Akiskalian 2010/11 Billabong XXL Biggest Wave Nominee
   Laird Hamilton - March 29, 2011
BLAME LAIRD Interview by Surfline
   Marcio Freire - March 7, 2011
Marcio Freire is a handsome native Brazilian who came to Hawaii 12 years ago with the intent to learn the Hawaiian Culture and surf the biggest waves he could on the outer reefs of Oahu and Maui. His short stocky body and wide shoulders makes him look like an ‘Army Tank’ that is ready to take on anything in his path.
   Sion Milosky - February 10, 2011
TRACKS MARCH COVER STAR INTERVIEW FROM HAWAII: Sion Milosky has been credited for paddling into the biggest wave of all time, that makes the underground charger one hell of a surfer. We spoke with Sion recently at our house at Sunset Beach in Hawaii and asked him about living life on the edge, Pipeline heroes and feeding the family.
   Mark Healey - February 4, 2011
Right now Mark Healey is The New Red. In the last 2 years he has ben on 4-5 covers, caught some of the biggest waves in the world, from the Bay to Mexico. He shined so bright in the 2010 Eddie, took down a heavy field of Big Wave Giants @ the Todos contest, just got invited to the Mavericks Contest, and still finds time to have a 3 day hold down in Vegas for his brothers birthday.
   Kohl Christensen - January 20, 2011
The unlikely Rise of A North Shore Charger
By: Jeff Mull
   Shane Dorian - December 11, 2010
   Tim West - September 7, 2010
"Every wipe out situation is different, but the main thing is to relax and conserve as much oxygen as I can. I usually tuck in to the fetal position and focus on where I am underwater to know where the surface is. If your arms and legs are not tucked in during a hold down in big surf, ligaments and tendons will completely tear off the bone. Relax, focus, and do not panic- ever."
   Greg Long - Dec 12, 2009
   Greg Long - July 14, 2009
From a surfing standpoint, following the biggest swells around the world is my number one priority in life. I feel very fortunate to be working with Billabong (my sponsor) who is supporting me to follow my dream to search and ride the biggest waves in the world. Surfing big waves is my passion and I do my very best to put myself in the opportune places at the right time to surf the worlds biggest swells.
   Grant “Twiggy” Baker - July 10, 2009
As I said in my speech I feel that I was very lucky to have won the XXL Biggest wave for 2009, there were a few other nominations that were also very close to 60ft. I was actually expecting to win the XXL Biggest Paddle wave for my Dungeons ride but unfortunately they gave the nomination to my friend James Taylor and therefore couldn’t use the photo of me on the bigger part of the wave.
   Garrett “G-Mac” McNamara - October17, 2008
A G-Mac Exclusive Interview!
Straight from the finals at the first ever SUP contest in Puerto Escondido aka The Mexican Pipeline, Garrett McNamara some how was able to hit opening day at both Mavericks in California and Sunset in Hawaii. We were finally able to catch up with this man on a mission and ask him a few questions.
   Grant “Twiggy” Baker - August 7, 2008
Grant “Twiggy” Baker’s 2006 victory at Maverick’s went a long way in placing himself, as well as South Africa as a whole, into the forefront of not only the Big Wave Surfing community, but the entire Surfing world in general. What sets Baker apart is the style in which he charges some of the most massive waves the world has to offer, surfing them with the fluidity and approach that is more common on waves half the size of the heavy waves he is known for lighting up.

With his mind-blowing performance at a heaving Dungeons this past weekend, Baker added another prestigious title to his name by becoming the 2008 Red Bull Big Wave Africa Champion. By doing so, he has not only sealed his spot as one of the world’s premier big-wave riders, but also reminded us all that Big Wave Surfing in South Africa is vibrantly progressing and has a lot more in store for us in the years to come.
   Jamie Sterling - July 25,2008
Jamie talks about APT World Tour Tow-in Surfing Circuit and the future of a professional big wave tour.
   Laird Hamilton - May 5, 2008
We're not ashamed to admit it: we think Laird rules the school. So let's just say it was a happy day around here.
   Romeu Bruno - October 4, 2007
"Go with someone that has experience in the lineup, wait for your turn, respect the seniority, and make sure you have paddle surfed Waimea and/or Mavericks or some big waves, and have gotten pounded good"
   Taco Warr - May 1, 2007
This month we catch up with tow-in legend Damien (Taco) Warr who recently won the Best Overall Performance award in the Oakley/ASL Big Wave awards.
   Tom Carroll - April 1, 2007
Whether paddling-in or towing, Tom Carroll is always an inspiration. This month Towsurf Australia catches up with Tom for a quick chat about towsurfing in Aus.
   Jerry Lopez - September 13, 2006
The SURFERmag Interview: Gerry Lopez
Chris Mauro
   Shane Dorian - September 12, 2006
Laird Hamilton: A exclusive interview
Part One: The iconic waterman talks about his scariest moments; life without surfing; tow and foil board design and much more.
by Scott Bass
   Jamie Sterling - September 4, 2006
"While I know death is a factor in surfing big waves, I just do all that I can to prepare my body and mind for when something does go wrong. You need to be in the best physical and mental shape possible to attempt these waves. Knowing that I am, allows me to ride the biggest waves in the world."
   Darrick Doerner - March 20, 2006
"Darrick Doerner is a legendary surfer in Hawaii at a relatively young age. Having whipped more surfers into the depths of Jaws and Teahupoo than Pamela Anderson, he continues to push the boundaries of the sane. Darrick now resides in Hawaii coaching the new SEA programme with Errant Surf Holidays. Chris Thomson caught up with Darrick to discuss England, tow surfing, travelling and taking a beating."
   Kelly Slater - March 10, 2006
Slater’s win at the year’s first WCT was a sight. He never went haywire, never visibly dominated a heat. Instead, he played with his opponents like a cat with mice, often teasing them into making a move they’d later regret, or causing them to freeze up while waiting for nonexistent Perfect Waves. His tactical moves seemed to keep him interested in the event, while a number of other stars went the other way – lost interest as the swell vanished, and lost heats as a result. How does Kelly, at 34 and with more titles than most surfing nations, stay so involved? Surfing’s Nick Carroll trapped him for this interview.
   Chuck Patterson - June 10, 2005
"I always knew the sport was going to explode; it was just a matter of time. From the days of living there and towing Jaws with no more then five teams in the lineup on a solid 20-25 ft day to today with 40 teams, ten boats, five helicopters, 20 photographers and a cliff of well over 500 spectators, it's amazing that no one got seriously injured or killed for that matter."
   Dan Moore - May 11, 2005
"When your being trashed that bad I think your brain shuts down, so I don't remember that much of the beating. I went into my normal relaxed mode and of course the whole time your just waiting for the monster to pass over."
   Garrett “G-Mac” McNamara - February 1, 2005
"Pato said that was the biggest heaviest ride I have ever seen. I didn't know what to think. I said I could feel it breathing on me!!! About 10 minutes later this overwhelming rush came over my whole body and I started to weird out. I said Ikaika, please take me outside and away from everyone. I never felt like that before."
   Ross Clark Jones - October 20, 2004
"A late drop or two at Waimea followed by a tow session at Jaws would be the perfect day. It is the only sensation towsurfing doesn’t have, the late drop from a stationary position. But towing has everything else and more."
   Ian Walsh - September 2, 2004
"The tow-in thing is cool but everyone can't forget where it all came from, the guys at Waimea charging on single fins made out of wood. I still love paddle surfing when it gets huge and getting some bombs. Jet skis are just letting us surf the big waves like we would surf small waves, high performance."
   Pete Cabrinha - July 28, 2004
"Winning the International Towsurfer Awards was like receiving a bonus on top of a bonus. These two awards seem to have taken on a life of their own. There is a lot of interest generated before, during and after. I was just doing what I always do at Pe?ahi and it had never occurred to me that I would be in the running for the XXL or the Towsurfer Awards."
   Mike Slattery - May 14, 2004
"Initial testing is done in-house. From there, the product will be given to the appropriate people to try out. Meaning tow specific items may go to our surfing athletes such as; Sierra Emory, Parsons & Gerlach, Shane Desmond, Greg & Rusty Long, Jamie Sterling to name a few. Rescue specific items definitely go to people specializing in that field, people who have contributed in this area are; Guy Pere, Brenden Shea, Jay Sniffen, Archie Kalepa, Terry Ahue, Shawn Alladio, Wes Mundy. We always try to listen with a very open mind to feedback from everyone, as valuable information often comes from where you would least expect it."
   Scott "Channy" Chandler - March 29, 2004
"Depending on what type of approach or situation you’re in. I use different driving techniques for different conditions. Driving for a rescue or assist with limited time due to the situation can call for high speed and it’s very easy for one to make a mistake. Anyone who has ever driven a ski in an emergency situation knows that. We learn from our mistakes and try to improve our skills from them."
   Matt Ambrose - December 2, 2003
"Mavz on a 20-25 foot day is almost a guarantee 2 wave hold down if you fall in the bowl. So you better be ready to accept that!!!"
   Darrick Doerner - September 27, 2003
"Pe’Ahi!!! It’s the biggest, baddest and most perfect wave in the world with the most insane corner pocket inside bowl one could ever experience or even imagine. When and if you do make it to Pe’Ahi, position yourself in the channel, watch and go about it in a very careful way. When you go down and you will, it will be the most devastating experience of your life. Or, if you’re in the channel having second thoughts, witnessing someone else go down, this will be the second most hair raising experience you will ever witness in your life."
   Shane Dorian - June 21, 2003
"Yeah, I use the Jetpilot Molded Life Vests. I like them because they feel streamlined, almost molded to your body and not bulky like others. Kelly Slater is starting to wear them too. We’re stoked to be working with Brian and his crew at Jetpilot and look forward to the new designs for the coming season which are supposed to be sick."
   Eraldo Gueiros Neto - June 7, 2003
"Well, it was pretty intense because Jaws is like a huge Sunset wave and you can get wasted by the sets. I got cleaned up on the first set and I thought to myself, this was going to be a bad trip. I managed to paddle back out and caught a smaller wave that got me stoked."
   Don Curry - May 25, 2003
"At that point I realized that death was only twenty to thirty feet from either side of me.I sat in the channel next to a buoy that Jeff Clark would tie his PWC up on, staring in disbelief at the biggest waves I have ever seen breaking and knowing full well there's no way in hell I would paddle into one. "
   Dick Brewer - April 30, 2003
"When I walked away from Surfboards Hawaii Dick Metz, who ran the Hobie Shop in Honolulu, offered me a deal and I went to work for them. I switched the whole Dick Brewer Surf Team, and all of my customers over to Hobie. If Hobie would have done what I wanted back then, he would have become what Quiksilver is today. "
   Toby Cunningham - April 23, 2003
"First and foremost, safety and prayer are the most important things to me. I would never think about surfing giant waves without taking a moment to do a prayer for my safety and those that are around me. I try to keep my eyes on all my friends and others in the line up and make sure all is going well. Being trained in emergency response, I am able to respond quickly if need be."
   Titus Kinimaka - April 6, 2003
"It's getting dangerous but we all knew that was going to happen. Towing in is not a walk in the park. To me, Pe'ahi is the heaviest wave on earth and there is no other like it that I’ve experienced. I think it demands respect and should be given it. "
   Dan Moore - March 10, 2003
"I remember being really let down on almost every swell the rest of that winter. After surfing waves that big and that good it changes your whole perspective on what you call big waves. We've become extremely jaded. Twenty feet doesn't seem very big anymore."
   Makua Rothman - February 25, 2003
"This is my high in life. It is kind of like I don't experience fear much and I just do what comes natural and feels right. I use my emotions to my advantage when I'm surfing or towing big waves."
   Ikaika Kalama - February 12, 2003
"That's where training comes in. Out there, communication is everything. Each team has their own way of communicating. Garret and I go on instinct as to which wave will be better. We've worked and practiced together so much that we already know what we want, whether we're on the ski or on the rope."
   Michel Larronde - January 20, 2003
"When I got an offer in 1985 to cook on Maui, I jumped on it right away! That sounded way better than working at LAX International Airport in a hotel. That was a very good decision for me and everything came together for me right here on Maui."
   Mike "Snips" Parsons - December 29, 2002
"The fog was intense, it was raining, blowing and we could not see our compass. Not to mention we had no lights on the ski and when it got pitch dark we were somewhere in the middle of the bay completely lost."
   Dave Kalama - October 23, 2002
"I think that ocean safety and rescue is HUGE! When one is trained and experienced, he is an asset and not a liability. I am not the most qualified ocean rescue waterman. Through my experience and education with guys like Brian Keaulana and others, I feel I am qualified to be out there and a part of this incredible experience."
   Laird Hamilton - September 25, 2002
"I want to say, what an incredible thing it is we have to ride these waves and the reality is, the waves do all the work. We are just a part of the experience, the power and the beauty. I wish more people could just experience this and I am sure the world would be a better place."
   Jeff Clark - July 1, 2002
Surfing big waves from Santa Cruz to San Francisco in the early 70’s, there wasn’t anything that Brian Heafy and I didn’t try to ride. Third reef Lane, Scott Creek till it closed out and Rockaway. Often times watching and trying to emulate the legendary waterman Dick Keating.
   Cheyne Horan - June 19, 2002
“From the top, it looked 100’ to the bottom as I free fell half way down the face.”
*Some serious advice to those that dare...
*The evolution and future of tow surfing...
“I felt like I was on the other side, like I had died.”
   Chris Brown - May 15, 2002
I've had a few of them, but the worst was probably this past January. The wave at Mavericks tends to draw so much water off the reef, that a lot of times it's hard to get down the face. I got hung at the top and fell through the air and the wave landed on me. It didn't want to let me up, so I had to climb my leash. Fortunately for me... didn't break! The photo, of that wave which Dan Merkel shot, is on the main page of this site.
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